Our Promise

Our Promise

When AFGI opens a bid, you are our partner from the moment the first bid is placed by your guest until the gavel sounds, not on an increment bid, but on the full bid price. Our percentage to the charity is more than fair, as are our opening bids.

Our opening bids are fair due to our tremendous buying power and the expertise of our professional buying team, who continuously source proven products. Again, we guarantee a percentage of the entire bid and spare you the all-too-familiar scenario of anxiously waiting for multiple bidders to ensure your charity makes money.

We encourage you to compare our service- With AFGI you will receive a pre-negotiated percentage of every successful bid in the auction and the charity will receive more money than any other auction service offers.

All you need to do is deposit the cheque – we’ll handle the rest!

Contact to one of our professional fund-raising consultants, to relieve you of all the work and worry associated with your next event, and ensure its success.

For more information, please contact a Fund Raising Consultant:
416-733-AFGI (2344) or info@afgi.ca

“30% (increase in revenue over last year). When the bidding normally would have run out of steam, they kept on going. Their creativity & resourcefulness paid off!”