How We Are Different

Thanks so much again for participating in our event the way you do. We set a budget of $100k between the live and silent auction and raised over $150k.

— Nick, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

I’ve followed up with a few of our guests and vendors at the end of the night and everyone loved the items shown!

— Ann

I was pleased with your staff; they were very professional. It was good that they ran everything very independently as I was busy dealing with other challenges.

— Diane, Rotary District Conference

“Thank you very much for your participation in our event. We are very pleased with your services and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those in attendance.”

— Gladys

“Thank YOU very much for offering such an exciting Silent and Live Auction! I’ve only attended 1 auction before & yours by far was very organized. We received positive feedback about the organization & display of items. The items offered were plenty & varied to all tastes.
You made it appear seamless which was fantastic.
Overall, I thought it was great and I appreciate all your efforts.
It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you next year!”

— Joyce

Thank you for bringing our event up a notch with your team’s professionalism!

— Scotty

Thank you so much for all your work on Sunday! And that of your team. It was wonderful working with you! We have some pretty incredible news to share –our goal was to raise $733,000 and we raised…$850,000! The Live Auction was the most successful ever – it went off so smoothly. Everyone loved it!

— Tonia, Toronto Taste

Just wanted to say thank you again for helping us last week for our event. Having you and your team there really elevated the entire evening. I wanted to let you know that over the course of the evening we raised $18,500 in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada and the James Lee Foundation (Vancouver).

— Sybil

We would love for you to return this year as our auctioneer… you did such a wonderful job last year – so we’d like to keep to a winning formula!

— Second Harvest

Wow, you guys are amazing to say the least. Thank you very much!

— Bruno

Thank you very much for your prompt reports and thank you for a job well-done.

— Judy

Thank you Allen. You and your son were fantastic and made a big difference to our auction. I hope we can work together again soon!

— Kelly, The Princess Margaret Foundation

We were very pleased with your team; Christina was terrific along with the rest of the crew.

— Nadia

Thank you very much for all of your help. Its always a pleasure having you guys come down.

— Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation

You and your team have been really great to work with. Super friendly, organized and prompt response to questions. I liked the items you brought to the venue and the way it was set up –not too crowded and a nice variety. The bidding sheets were all clear and easy to read – very professional. The person who was there was also very nice and professional.

— Lisa

Thank you so much for your wonderful efforts yesterday. You both did a spectacular job, everyone was very impressed and happy with the funds raised.

— Kelli, Randstad

We just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for all of great work yesterday. The auction really was a success. It is a hard room to connect with and you really did a great job. Thank you so much!

— Jocelyn

Thank you and your team for all of your help!

— Tori, BFF

You guys were awesome!

— Glenn Healy

AFGI – The Answer to Your Fundraising Needs


Generosity is an emotion; the amount of money people spend at your fundraising event will depend on how they feel. From the moment your guests step into your event until the time they leave, they are in YOUR realm of influence. What you do or fail to do during that time will make a difference in how generous your guests feel; our experience has proven that.

Why conduct a charity auction? Statistics have proven that any successful fundraising event that incorporates a benefit auction can realize literally two-thirds of the fundraising event’s income from just the charity auction alone!

Producing a successful fundraising event comes as a result of accomplishing the right tasks. Those who leave out the right tasks, no matter how sincere their desire, how hard they work or how noble their cause, generally meet with less-than-desired results.

AFGI will motivate your guests to feel generous with their hard earned money by:

  • Applying proven marketing techniques
  • Having the right products in front of them
  • Putting “show business” in the auction and create a thrill of bidding that will drive up bidding on all items

Many organizations do not exploit the more powerful strategies that make fundraising auctions successful because they don’t know about them.

People who attend charitable events with AFGI managing the auction, come away feeling they have received something of value, as well as that they have given to a cause they believe in.

AFGI will take care of every detail of your auction!

Our years of experience in running highly successful auctions have taught us how to maximize your results, while minimizing the work you have to do.

A successful auction involves a lot of work: planning, organization, managing, reporting and tabulating; and all of this is done by volunteers whose time and talents could, perhaps, be put to better use. Time is money! We will treat your event like it is our own and we are there to work with you.

Broad product selection and competitive pricing!

Our broad selection of products is incomparable to other auction companies. With our experience and buying power, we will ensure there is something for everyone with multiple price points. We take into account the latest trends, your attendee demographic, the genre of your event, past event bidding history and the items you have already donated.

Our pricing is competitive. We understand inflated opening bids simply discourage bidders from advancing further and this drastically reduces any money raised for the charity.

We value our reputation!

For over 40 years our business has been built on referrals. We are happy to provide your group with references.

Your success is our success!

Our system delivers a larger share of the proceeds to the charity.

Remember, for all donated items, your charitable cause receives 100% of the proceeds under our professional management.

For all items provided by AFGI, we guarantee you a percentage of the final highest bid price; we spare you anxiously waiting for multiple bidders to ensure your charity makes money. Our costs are covered in the balance of the bid price after the charity receives their percentage.