“55% (increase over last year). All of the increase in revenue was attributed in live auction. Overall revenue generated drastically increased.”

A testimonial to our very successful auctions. Learn more about an extremely profitable event to help poor people in the Philippines.

Our track record: Click Here to See Examples of Successful Event Photos

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing consulting services for live and silent professional auctions. This enables us to say, with complete confidence, that with AFGI managing your event, you’re sure to make money. In fact, our expertise could even help you surpass your goals.

We understand the auction process. We understand inflated opening bids simply discourage bidders from advancing further and, ultimately, drastically reduce any money raised for the charity.

Our years of experience in running highly successful auctions have taught us how to maximize your results, while minimizing the work you have to do. With AFGI, you have:

  • No risk
  • No work
  • No auction committees
  • No inflated opening bids

“The hiring of AFGI to manage our auction was one of the best decisions we made when it comes to the conduct of the fundraiser.”

AFGI charges no external fees for our services. And, we pay a higher percentage of the entire bid to the charity involved, than other auction companies. Our system, however, guarantees a percentage of the entire bid price as soon as the item is bid on, delivering a larger share of the proceeds to the charity.

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