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We are charity auction fundraising experts. We are not here to sell you an elaborate tablet or mobile bidding package that is aesthetically pleasing but translates into minimal sales. Tablet or mobile bidding site companies appear almost everyday offering you the most elaborate ‘vacation getaways’ and ‘once in a lifetime experience packages’. These companies are not experts in the auction business.

Things to take in consideration with mobile or tablet bidding for your fundraising event:

-who must do all the work in photographing, listing and uploading items?

-do your donated items warrant mobile bidding?

-will the cost of time and money be overcome by your donated items final winning bid price?

-is there a guarantee there will be competitive bidding at your event?

-will all guests feel comfortable with mobile bidding? How will you communicate with guests prior to and during the event regarding the mobile bidding and tablet bidding procedures?

-at an events conclusion who will facilitate the checkout procedures? What will the delay be between closing the silent auction auction and procession invoices? Who will process invoices? Will your guests wait around for delays?

-for all unclaimed items, who will ship your items? Who will pay for shipping and will they pay for shipping?

It goes without saying that mobile bidding can be effective a specific charity fundraising events., our sisters company, are pioneers in executing tablet, mobile and live online bidding. If this technology is right for your event, we are happy to offer this service.