Silent Auction At A Charity Event?

Raise More Money at Your Next Charity Silent Auction With the Right Auction Items

A charity silent auction is an excellent way to generate some funds for your group

Want to raise some more money at your next charity auction? Have you considered hosting a silent auction? At Auctioneers Fundraising Group International (AFGI) we’ve been helping a wide range of organizations raise much-needed funds by hosting successful silent auctions for over 40 years.

Every silent auction for charity is unique. We’ve organized auctions for everyone from local high schools to large A-list celebrity events. Over the years we’ve noticed some trends and we’d like to share them with you to help your group. Here are some of the most popular items to sell at your next silent auction.

Silent Auction Item Suggestions

  • Once-in-A-Lifetime Experience – Everyone is looking for an adventure. Putting together a unique travel experience is something that will gain the attention of people of all ages. A well-designed travel package can take your silent charity auction to the next level and provide you with an excellent way to promote your auction in advance on your website, social media, email newsletters and through any other forms of marketing that your organization utilizes. There are lots of travel agents that can work with you to design a unique and memorable travel experience. Ideally, the travel agency will provide your group with lots of attractive promotional materials. Save marquee items such as vacation packages to the end of the silent auction.
  • Artwork – Over the years we’ve seen a lot of bidding on unique and interesting artwork pieces. Many people attending your charity silent auction will be interested in purchasing something for their home or for a gift. People enjoy a local touch to artwork, try to find a local artist who will provide a painting on consignment. There are various websites that will create a custom canvas from a photo. Take a photo of a local scene and have a canvass made. This is a very inexpensive way to generate bids.
  • Family Vacation – Many of the people attending your charity auction will have children and they will be looking for something to do with the entire family. For example, Disney offers some very strong savings to registered nonprofits. Create a family vacation package with hotel vouchers, restaurant and gas cards and admission to attractions. These bundles will create a lot of excitement and generate a lot of buzz and profits for your silent auction.
  • Signed Memorabilia – Signed memorabilia makes for a great auction item. Regardless if it’s a professional athlete, an actor, or a musician; a signed item can generate a lot of funds for your cause. Try reaching out to your local sports teams and see if they can provide your charity with signed memorabilia.
  • Offer a Night Out – Who doesn’t love a night out on the town? Auctioning off a dinner for two at a nice restaurant is always a great item to feature. Be sure to have a gift card that will give the buyer a nice meal, desert, and some drinks. Many restaurant owners will be excited at the promotion they will gain from auctioning off a gift card to their establishment.
  • Have Something for the Kids – A lot of parents are looking for something to do with their kids, especially during the summer months. Work with a local merchant and put together a package that will entertain children.

Over the years we’ve been lucky to have organized some great silent auctions for charities. It’s important to have to right items up for auction to generate the buzz and revenue your group deserves. The best auctions have a wide range of items up for bid, with a couple big ticket items.

Get creative and combine smaller items into themed baskets, this will help keep your silent auction interesting. Network with local merchants and get them involved. You’d be surprised at how many local businesses will be eager to donate to your cause.

Need More Items for Your Charity Silent Auction?

 At AFGI, our team has your group covered; we have access to a wide range of items that we can sell at your charity auction. The best part is, you will be our partner and we’ll guarantee you a percentage of the final highest bid.

You, of course, will receive all of the proceeds from the donated items you sell at the silent auction. With AFGI, your charity will receive more money than any other auction company offers. All you need to do is deposit the cheque – we’ll handle the rest!

Contact one of our professional fundraising silent auction specialists today at to alleviate the work and worry associated with your next event. Ensure its success!