Charity Auction Toronto

Tips for Hosting a Successful Charity Auction Toronto and York Region

A charity auction is an excellent way for a non-profit organization to raise some funds for their group. Additionally, it can be a great networking opportunity and will allow your group a platform for communicating a message to a captive audience.

Charity auctions usually fall into one of three categories

Silent Auctions

During a silent auction, the items are usually displayed on tables throughout the room and the event’s attendees have an opportunity to browse around. Typically, a sheet of paper is displayed next to each item and attendees will write their bids down. The person with the highest bid will win the item.

Silent auctions are perfect for a charitable group to create a social and open event. By having attendees walk around you will have a great opportunity to discuss group’s mission and goals. A silent auction is less structured allowing for more interaction between attendees. This allows participants the ability to have greater control of their auction experience.

Many times a silent auction will be part of a larger event. The casual nature of a silent auction allows people the ability to come and go as they please.

The lack of urgency of a silent auction can sometimes decrease the incentive to bid. People sometimes tend to bid more aggressively in a live auction.

Live Auctions

A more traditional format that still works well today. An auctioneer will be in charge of calling out every item and running an auction to generate excitement and bidding. The auction’s attendees will raise paddles or shout out bids in an effort to win the item being auctioned off.

Live auctions may be the most engaging way to generate money. An experienced auctioneer will create excitement and some friendly competition. When your guests know they have a short amount of time to win an item the bidding can be fast and aggressive.

Online Auction

In a nutshell, an online auction is a digital variation of a silent auction. Participants are encouraged to visit a website where they can view images and descriptions of the items being auctioned off. This format allows people the ability to browse and bid on auction items in the comfort of their own home. Typically, a participant will create an account which contains a credit card number, this allows for easy online purchasing.

An online auction is usually the most affordable solution for non-profit organizations. There’s a lot more time available for online auctions, with auctions sometimes lasting more than one day. Participants can also bid at any time of the day.

Each of these auctions has their benefits, but each presents their downsides, too. You should consider the preferences of your audience when deciding what kind of auction is best for your organization.

At AFGI, we run multiple live and online auctions weekly. We utilize the latest online technology to create a fun and secure online auction experience.

It’s important to have the right items at your auction. We have found that having an interesting range of items combined with various price points is a great way to generate bids. Keep your auction fun and lively by having live music and food.

At AFGI, we have everything you need to run a successful auction. Our experienced team will walk your organization through the entire auction process. We specialize in both online and live charity auction events. Learn more about how we can help your group by contacting us today.